Sunday, December 8, 2019

Bookending Winter 2019: Christmas Eve Traditions

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Today's Prompt Information:

Prompt Explanation: In my family; we have a Christmas Eve tradition! The same thing we do every year (of course some of it changes a little as they get older) – today I want to know if you have one and what it is! Don’t have one? Maybe you have seen some traditions around the internet, or know people that have one – share away!

Our Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas Eve Boxes!
The above image is not mine; I got it off of Google Search.. Why, you ask? Well it's simple. I'm an IDIOT and wrapped our Christmas Eve boxes already and forgot to be smart and get a picture of the inside of them before I did so! But, you get the gist of it with the image above. I love these boxes because you can make them your own. Google has ALL KINDS of ideas of things you can add; but you can personalize them to fit your family.

What We Put In Our Boxes
I do a box for both kids, myself and the mister. It gives us something to open on Christmas Eve since the kids always want to open something. It also gives us something to do as a family (with opening the gifts and with whats inside!) It also, without me even trying to - started another tradition aside from the boxes!

→ → Pajamas
→ → Hot Chocolate
→ → One Candy
→ → Slippers
→ → Stuffed Animal
→ → An Ornament for the Tree

Now, every Christmas Eve we all get a new ornament for the tree! It gives us one very personalized tree that shows how our interest have changed over the years! It's now a tree full of things we love - interest we have had (or still have); things that define us and things we find funny. For instance - this year my 13 yr old daughter got a RAINBOW POOP EMOJI ORNAMENT. Yeah. You read that right. There is poop on my tree lol. But it is her favorite emoji, so we went with. I normally do fuzzy socks instead of slippers, but the kids were asking for new slippers so I changed it up a bit. I alternate between stuffed animals (small ones) and a movie, this year just happened to be a stuffed animal year! Once we are done opening the boxes and hanging up our new ornaments; we all change into our new pjs and slippers and curl up on the couch with our hot chocolate and watch a Christmas Movie! It is honestly such a fun way to spend Christmas Eve and it gets everyone really into the spirit come Christmas morning!


Discuss With Me!

What are YOUR Christmas Eve Traditions?
Any you want to try but have not yet?
I'd love to hear from you all!


  1. Aaah I love this idea Tabatha, this is such a cute idea and I particularly love how you include personalised ornaments. I bet it makes it super fun to look back on the years via the tree and ornaments to see how everyone's interests/hobbies have changed and grown!

    We don't really have much of a tradition on Christmas Eve other than we play board games, I'm hoping to play scrabble again this year and hopefully chess as well!

    1. The ornaments were a random idea; but we have been doing this for years and the tree is kind of awesome because of it! We do the board games as well - that is always a fun thing!

  2. Aww that's such a cute idea ! My ex had a similar one where they all got a pyjamas on Christmas Eve, and all went to bed with it to open the gifts the next morning.

    Our family is kinda cheap, so you know xD We all stay up waiting for midnight (dad absolutely WONT GO of that..with mom every now and then "Can we open one, now?") playing Wii bowling and watching TV and stuff like that, open the gifts and OKAY THAT'S IT YALL - to bed we go. aahah

  3. Aww, that's cute! Love the boxes. Our traditions are just playing specific card games (with a specific deck of cards) and food. So. Much. Food. And then we live off of leftovers for a few days 😂