Saturday, November 9, 2019

Bookish New Year's Challenge

It's almost that time! A time to begin a brand new year of bookish insanity!
I thought this challenge would be a good way for us to reflect on the last year - make some goals and talk about the upcoming year - motivate each other and have some good ol' fashioned fun while doing so! & who knows; you may find you made some super awesome new friends in the process!

This challenge will run from Jan 1st - Jan 15th.
There will be a linky post on each of my post for the day; that you can add your link from that day; so other's can visit!
Nothing too hard about this at all! I wanted it to be simple; but fun. Each day there will be a prompt for you to post on your blog. Just answer the prompt and enjoy the discussions that come from it! Don't forget to blog hop to other blogs to join in with everyone participating. You never know what you may learn when visiting other people! You may very well find your next book boyfriend; or favorite read!

The prompts are all posted below.
I also have graphics for each day for those interested!
Feel free to grab the button at the bottom to use on your blog to help spread the word!
The main graphic at the top of this page is also for you to use on your post if you would like; or like I said - I will gladly share the daily graphics for anyone who ask! Just shoot me an email; a message on twitter; something and I will get them over to you :)

Interested in Joining?

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The Prompts:

♡♡ Day 1: 2020 Book Blogging Goals
♡♡ Day 2: Best & Worst Reads of 2019
♡♡ Day 3: Must Have Reads of 2020
♡♡ Day 4: Favorite Blogging Moment of 2019
♡♡ Day 5: TBR Shelf: 2019 Progress & 2020 Starting Point
♡♡ Day 6: Blogger Background Noise (Music; Podcast; TV; Screaming Children; The Apocalypse?)
♡♡ Day 7: Favorite Book to Movie adaptation of 2019?
♡♡ Day 8: Read-A-Thons: Yes or No? Do any in 2019? Planning to in 2020?
♡♡ Day 9: Physical Copies or E-Books?
♡♡ Day 10: Blogger Orginaztion: (Google Calendar; Planner; Bullet Journal, etc.)
♡♡ Day 11: Favorite Book Boyfriend of 2019
♡♡ Day 12: Reading Challenges: (Do any in 2019? Any favorites? Looking forward to some in 2010?)
♡♡ Day 13: Authors You Discovered in 2019?
♡♡ Day 14: Your Reading Ritual
♡♡ Day 15: 10 Book Suggestions (Books you love and want to share with others!)

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  1. Replies
    1. Awesome! I'm looking forward to the fun!

  2. Sounds like FUN! I'll join soon. =D

    By the way, if you're ready any holiday-themed books, I'm hosting A Literary Christmas reading challenge & a giveaway.


  3. I loved this idea!!
    I just started by blog 2 weeks ago and this is great to build community and give each blog a boost!

  4. I love this idea! I signed up, and I'll be grabbing your button for my blog later. ♥

    1. Awesome! I look forward to vising your post! :)

  5. I signed up! This is a great idea!!

    1. Welcome! I am glad you think so! Just wanted to find something to do to kick off the new year in a fun way! I look forward to reading your post!

  6. Loving this! Just getting back into book blogging after a looooong break. Would defo be interested in your daily graphics :)

    1. What a great way to get back into things!

  7. Just signed up! Sounds like a lot of fun!